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About IHHL

The Inquiry, Health, and Human Leadership Institute (IHHL – pronounced "isle") is a community that helps individuals, employees, and wellness practitioners to bring out their unique strengths while promoting the balanced “whole” health needed to apply these strengths in the world in a meaningful and sustainable way.

Under its Inquiry branch, IHHL offers retreats, seminars and peer support groups that help individuals gain insight into important questions about who they are, what their purpose is in life, and how to deal with a challenging problem or embrace a new opportunity.

Under its Health branch, IHHL provides self-esteem and wellness programs for youth, bootcamps, fitness consultants, and corporate wellness packages that address "whole" health of individuals from physical fitness and nutrition to stress management and emotional health.

IHHL's Human Leadership branch uses a people-based, solution oriented, whole learning model called Action Learning to help teams gain clarity, solve problems, and unify; organizations to streamline systems and increase productivity; and those in a funding crunch or crisis to identify sustainable solutions that are long-term and have the buy-in of all stakeholders.

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