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See it - Identify your Unique Contribution

"I would definitely recommend this workshop to everyone I know. It was very informative and I learned a lot about myself and my dreams and how to be able to work towards and fulfill them."

Participant, What Are You Meant to Do in Life, Youth Retreat

IHHL Inspire Retreats are intensive programs that help you identify what you're meant to do in life, establish a strategic action plan, connect with others, and work with a peer group to solve real problems in real time!

Facilitated by IHHL's diverse team of professionals you will leave with:

  • a "whole health" plan for physical, emotional, and spiritual balance
  • a concrete plan of action you can start immediately
  • connections with others going through the same process
  • a renewed confidence in yourself and your future!

IHHL Inspire Individual Sessions are confidential, 1:1 sessions that help you get a clear vision for the future and establish a plan of action. Appointment based, by phone, in-person, or by email.

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