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The IHHL team includes teachers, fitness professionals, entrepreneurs, coaches, and more! All IHHL Team members hold current certification, several years experience in their field, and have a track record of providing dynamic, respectful, and appropriate support for a range of populations.

Zainum Bahadshah, President

Zainum is an entrepreneur who believes passionately that everyone has a unique contribution to make in life and that we can accomplish anything we set our minds to!

Zainum has facilitated team-based career, fitness, skills development, and business programs for the past 15 years through non-profits, local government, and Human Resource and Skills Development Canada. Her most profound learnings about succeeding despite perceived barriers have come through working with adults with disabilities, entrepreneurs, people living on the street, and young people - our future - in Victoria, Calgary, and internationally.

Zainum is a Business and Organizational Consultant specializing in Strategic Planning, a certified Fitness Leader in BC and Alberta, an Action Learning Practitioner, and holds an MBA with a Leadership Specialization. Zainum's belief in the importance of doing what you're passionate about and using team-based learning to stay on-track remains key in IHHL's culture through its peer action learning groups, inspire retreats and consultations and the many and diverse resources offered by the IHHL Team.

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